Piko Piko Light Meditation

Julie @ A Personal Tao

This 10-minute audio meditation begins with a minute of rattling to help shift the brain down from its active state into a more healing state of consciousness.

The rattling is followed by 5 minutes of guided body parts meditation to help ground us in the present moment and listen to our body wisdom more and more.

Finally, this meditation closes with 3 minutes of guided light visualization called piko piko. Piko is a Hawaiian word for a point such as a mountain top or a place where a leaf and stem meet. In this meditation, piko refers to the belly button and the piko of the fontanel (the soft spot on top of the head we're born with). Both are considered sacred.

Indigenous cultures have many ways of referring to the core body and supporting the core body energetically. This meditation is a wonderful tool for daily practice and is highly recommended as preparation for a deeper soul retrieval meditation experience.

Piko piko is also considered a gateway exercise to the Healing with Spiritual Light work. To read more about Healing with Spiritual Light please visit https://personaltao.com/healing/healing-spiritual-light/

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Piko Piko Light Meditation

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